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Airbrush Tanning To Be Ready For Bikini Season

Welcome to the 21st century. It's a time when everyone is expected to be young, tan, thin and beautiful. How did this ever happen you may ask? My thoughts are to blame Hollywood. It seems like our media takes a terrific toll and has a ridiculous influence on the public. That especially includes teenagers. They hold celebrities high upon a pedestal and tend to follow their lead. Now as far as the whole tanning issue goes, we can all blame that one on Cocoa Channel. It's no big secret that she made this a trend back in her hay day. Far too many people overlook the fact that sun-bathing and tanning beds dry out and age your skin at an accelerated rate. Oh, and then there's skin cancer. It's truly a contradiction if you think about it. Staying young and healthy does not exactly go hand-in-hand with tanning. Or at least it didn't used to. Welcome to the era of airbrush tanning. This very well could be our solution to pale skin and sun damage prevention.

Everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too. This is no big shock. It's the American way, no doubt. So someone came along and invented airbrush tanning in order to make this happen. This is a new-age process that you've likely seen on television. I have spotted a few people airbrush tanning on reality shows. Just the other day I was watching some beauty pageant reality show with my teenage daughter. The girl the show was following had to prepare for her next big pageant. This of course included acquiring a nice rich tan. But, as we all know at this point, tanning ruins your skin. This young lady had to get a golden complexion without the drawbacks. Off to the airbrush tanning booth she went. As she stood inside, she was basically misted down by a tanning oil. All the while she wore goggles and held her breath. I can't say if this is totally normal, but that's how it was depicted on this reality show. Fortunately when it came time for the pageant, the girl did sport a nice tan without those awful orange streaks. What else could you ask for?

Say goodbye to the deluge of self-tanning products. It's now time for airbrush tanning to make its mark in the world of beauty and bikini wearing. So before you hit up the local pool or coast this July, make sure you get your tan on first.

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