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Are There Any Products That Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

If you are looking for products that make your hair grow faster you are pretty much out of luck. There are none that actually accelerate the speed in which the follicles grow. The good news is that you can purchase products that make your hair appear to grow faster and I don’t mean extensions, either. It may seem a little disheartening that you really can’t make your hair grow faster but after you consider the facts you will definitely feel better. First of all, normal hair growth is generally pretty fast on its own. Our hair grows about one-half of an inch each month. This may not seem like much but it really is.

Consider how much more hair you will have in only six months if you let it grow naturally. If it grows one half inch each and every month you can expect three inches in only six months. That’s a lot of growth in a little time. So why do you still want to make your hair grow faster? Because you might be losing those locks.

If your hair is weak it will break. Spilt ends and over processing will do great damage to your follicles making them snap off just short of the ends. There are some steps that you can take to actually seem as if you can make your hair grow faster. Some of these steps are quite simple while others may not be viable options.

I know some ladies who prefer to have a shorter mane that is a certain color rather than hair that grows quickly. If you want to make your hair grow faster you definitely want to skip processing especially anything that contains bleaches or peroxide. Many ladies love the blonde locks so much that they are willing to give up the extra natural length.

If you blow your locks dry each and every day you will probably have breakage. You will seem to make your hair grow faster if you simply let it air dry every other day. Any styling tool that uses heat should not be used on a daily basis because the heat is damaging.

There are products that you can buy that will make it appear as if you make your hair grow faster. These include vitamin supplements. Many supplements are available that will strengthen your locks from the inside out. You can also try topical treatments like strengthening shampoos and leave-in conditioners that boast that they strengthen locks. You may not actually make your hair grow faster but with these simple steps and products you will make it seem as if you can.


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