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Arthritis Support Groups Help You Cope With Pain And Fear

When we think of support groups we rarely think of conditions like arthritis. However, chronic conditions like this are very difficult for many people. Arthritis support groups have been developed to help individuals cope with there discomfort as well as the psychological ramifications of having a chronic illness. When I first entered one of the arthritis support groups in my community I was really apprehensive about the venture. The apprehension was caused mostly by my feeling a little silly about whining about my discomfort. Once I had an opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences I was thrilled that I decided to join.

Many may think that a community of individuals like us simply spends our time complaining during our meetings but nothing is further from the truth. I have never had the opportunity to be a teacher as well as a student in one session. The arthritis support groups offer the means for everyone involved to actively participate in coping with the pain and fear associated with the chronic illness.

During our last session we started our meeting with stories about our daily lives. It is nice to talk to people who understand what you are going through without actually talking about pain. People that attend arthritis support groups already know all too well how much discomfort is associated with the condition.

The feeling I get when I enter the room every month is complete comfort. It is nice to know that I really don’t need to explain my condition and it is even better to know that I will be learning new strategies for coping with both the physical and mental problems associated with the disorder. Arthritis support groups help us in more ways than one.

There is a general feeling of support and community among our group. There is also a great sense of relief after being able to truly share the arthritic experience without feeling like a whiner. Arthritis support groups help us freely exchange ideas and insight on what does and what does not actually work. The information is almost as valuable as the friendships we have established.

If you have an arthritic condition you may find that there are others in your community who can offer you great help. You also may find that you are helping others in the process. Even though our major bond is a chronic condition those of us who attend arthritis support groups share so much more.


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