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Artificial Nails

For my high school prom, I decided that I wanted to have perfectly manicured long fingernails. That provided quite a challenge though, considering my nails were always short and stubby from playing sports. I wanted my prom to be absolutely perfect and that last thing I wanted to look like was a tomboy. I made a hair appointment to get my hair styled and the salon offered nails as well. I pretty much had figured that attempting to grow my real nails would prove pointless so I'd have to get artificial nails. I had never had them in my entire life, so I figured it would be interesting. But, how bad could they be?

My biggest mistake was getting the artificial nails on the day of my prom since I'd never had them before. Looking back, I should have gotten them a week beforehand so I knew what to expect and how to deal with them. But, I didn't. And so, after having them applied and thinking about how absolutely wonderful they looked, I began my journey home with something that I'd never had before - fingernails. It is amazing how different everything becomes once you feel things in a new manner. Suddenly, I couldn't touch things as I'd touched them before. I couldn't pick things up in the same way. I felt very awkward and disadvantaged. There was nothing I could do about it though, I needed to go to the prom and enjoy myself. Needless to say, I did enjoy myself but spent the evening dropping more things that I normally did and feeling a bit out of the norm. The moment that I got home, I practically pried those artificial nails off of my hands, which was a challenge in itself.

It is now ten years since my infamous prom and I've had artificial nails numerous times since then. They have come a long ways and I've learned to adapt to them. For the life of me, no matter what I try, I simply cannot grow my nails to the length that I want them. When a few of them finally reach that desired length, one of theme breaks making me feel the need to cut the rest as well. I used artificial nails for my own wedding, of course, as well as when I've been in weddings as well. I've applied them myself and had them professionally done. Personally, it goes much more smoothly when having someone else do them, you don't end up with nail glue all over you and a huge mess to clean up. Of course, applying them yourself saves you money. I've never found that getting artificial nails is incredibly expensive if you have them done professionally. Whichever way you choose to get them applied, or for whatever reason you want to have artificial nails, make sure that you get them a day or so in advance if you've never experienced them before. Trust me.

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