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Aveda Damage Remedy To Restore Healty Look Of Your Hair

Women do many harmful things to their hair and the irony is that we cause the damage through trying to make our hair look healthy and vibrant. Coloring, highlighting, blow drying, permanents, straightening products and curling irons all make for lovely locks on a temporary basis. Women actually need a product like Anaveda Damage Remedy to restore the balance. During the 1980’s I did so much damage to my hair that I swore to never touch a chemical or any hair tool that involved heat again. If you are familiar with the styles of that decade then you know the general look that involved a lot of height and a lot of chemicals. Aveda Damage Remedy didn’t exist back in those days.

For a handful of years I found myself avoiding all types of hair products including gels, sprays and hair color. I also avoided perms, blow dryers and curling irons. With the lack of products like Anaveda Damage Remedy around I thought that I really didn’t have any other alternative. Either go natural or have damaged hair.

While the absence of products like Anaveda Damage Remedy was the major source of my discomfort when it came to styling products I also know that general laziness has a good deal to do with my lack of interest in hair products. Regular upkeep of trendy hairstyles was just too much for me.

When you have damaged hair after using products you become a little dependant on those same products to cover up the flaws. For example, curling the ends of your hair with a hot curling iron will smooth out dry, damaged hair but it eventually just makes the whole situation worse. Without a product like Aveda Damage Remedy I was better off going natural.

The idea of naturally beautiful hair is appealing but I also know that it is a complete myth. I wound up looking like a hippie with my flat, boring locks and the gray hair just kept spreading and spreading. I knew that I had to get some style and some color but I also knew that I would get some damage in the process.

That’s when I discovered Anaveda Damage Remedy. This product offers repair of current problems and it offers preventative protection for future mishaps. I have never had softer, smoother hair in my life even when I didn’t use any styling products or heating elements.

The best way to get an overall attractive head of hair is to put forth a little effort. I’m thrilled that I can color, curl and even perm my locks without fear since my daily regimen includes Anaveda Damage Remedy.


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