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Benefits Of Full Body Massage

Do you have anyone on your gift list that is impossible to buy for? I have to admit that I have one or two people that I struggle with every year to find something for. These are people that I care about very much and know well; yet coming up with gift ideas is difficult. I think part of the reason is that these are people that I give holiday gifts as well as birthday gifts to. One of these people is my husband. For him there are anniversary gift ideas to also come up with. Now that we have been together over twenty years it is almost impossible to surprise him.

A couple years ago close to his birthday he had been pheasant hunting and had twisted his knee. He was in a great deal of pain. The doctor gave him a prescription and told him to keep weight off of it as much as possible. After three weeks he was still limping and the other knee started to bother him because he was placing more weight on it. I decided that a great gift idea for my husband birthday would be a certificate to get a full body massage. There is a spa about six miles from our house so after the treatment he would not have far to drive home to relax. When I went in to buy the certificate for the full body massage the therapist asked me if he had ever had one before. I told her that he had several when we were on various vacations. She said that she always asks because some people do not like being touched and messaged so in those cases the gift certificates are not a good idea. I explained to her the recent knee injury and the issues that this was causing. She suggested that in addition to the full body message that he start with a concentrated message in the knee area to help loosen the muscles that had tightened. I had her include this in the certificate. She did tell me that when someone has a deep message that often times they can feel nauseated from the toxins that are realized through the message. She suggested having a light meal after the message and plenty of water to help flush the toxins out of the system.

I had bought the certificate a few days prior to his birthday. The message therapist told me she had time that evening so I booked the appointment for the deep muscle rub for his knee area. When my husband came home from work I told him about the appointment and I had him get in my car to drive him there. I sat and read a book and drank some of the wonderful herbal tea that they serve at the spa. By the next morning my husband was amazed at how good his knee felt. He thinks this is the best gift he ever received.


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