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Bladder Infection Remedies

Anyone who has had a bladder infection knows that they can be really uncomfortable. The relatively common problem can be addressed with medication as well as natural approaches that have proved to be quite effective. Finding quick bladder infection remedies that can ease the discomfort is really important. First, it is a good idea to know the source of the problem. I was really surprised that the condition is caused by E. coli. I normally associate that bacterium with food poisoning, stomach and intestinal illnesses. Knowing that the source is E. coli is a good start in finding bladder infection remedies that work.

The bacteria usually don’t have a negative effect until they are ingested or until they enter the urinary tract. Then the trouble starts. Knowing that the source is bacteria, we can assume that antibiotics are the most commonly used bladder infection remedy on the market. While this is true, the antibiotics do little to ease the discomfort.

Of course, the main concern for most people who have an infection like this is getting rid of the infection itself. However, the pain needs to be addressed as well. The antibiotic does great as one of the bladder infection remedies because it kills the source of the problem.

However, the infection actually sits in the urine. The bladder itself is not infected. The pain is caused by irritation caused by the infected urine in the area. Other bladder infection remedies need to be used to address the irritated walls of the organ. While getting rid of the infection will help, you really could do more to help ease the discomfort.

Bladder infection remedies that can be used to ease the discomfort and progress healing at a faster rate have one thing in common: fluids. If you increase you fluid intake, you will flush out the infection faster. Water is the first thing to pop into mind but it is just one of the bladder infection remedies that involve fluids.

My parents always used cranberry juice or diluted tea as bladder infection remedies in my family but cranberry juice tops the list of effective urinary tract infection cures. We aren’t quite sure why, but many believe that cranberry juice is not only one of the most effective bladder infection remedies; it is also great as a preventative measure. Some argue that any liquid will do but others swear that nothing is more effective than cranberry juice.

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