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Blue Light Acne Therapy

I've been plagued by oily skin and pimples ever since I was a teenager. I thought these problems were bad back then, but they're much worse as an adult. After all, everyone expects teenagers to have pimples, so they think nothing of it. Adults, on the other hand, are supposed to grow out of that "phase" and end up with clear skin at some point. It's embarrassing for me to always be the only adult in the room with pimples and blackheads. I was suffering from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, plus I was having trouble making friends. I was ready to do something completely different, so I decided to try blue light acne therapy.

I hadn't heard about blue light acne therapy until I saw an ad in a magazine. Apparently, blue light acne therapy is based on the fact that sunlight has been shown to be an effective treatment for pimples. From what I could make out, blue light acne therapy involves concentrating the rays of a metal halide lamp onto affected areas of the skin. After several weeks of this home treatment, many patients report a significant reduction in the number and appearance of pimples.

Although blue light acne therapy lamps were far more expensive than any other treatment I had ever purchased, I was ready to try it because nothing else was working for me. I had been trying every suggested skin care regimen and countless products -- both over-the-counter and prescription varieties -- that promised to eliminate pimples and blemishes. I was tired of wasting my money on these products without ever seeing any decent results in return. I was sold on the principle behind blue light acne therapy, so the next step was to find a specific product to try.

Since blue light acne therapy lamps usually cost hundreds of dollars, I decided to read consumer reviews of the various products out there to see which ones actually worked and which ones were complete wastes of money. I found several websites where consumers can post their own reviews of skin care products they've tried, so I read what people had to say about blue light acne therapy. As with any other products, the quality and effectiveness varied from brand to brand. I noted the brands that got the best reviews for blue light acne therapy, and then went in search of the lowest prices.

I've been using blue light acne therapy for almost a month now and have to say that I am seeing some good results. The difference is not as dramatic as I hoped it would be, but my skin is getting better little by little. I hope that by continuing with this blue light acne therapy, I'll eventually get the clear skin that I've always wanted.

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