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Calorie Chart Is A Must For Losing Weight

One of the most important tools a person will utilize in his or her attempt to lose weight is a calorie chart. Losing weight requires cutting back on the number of calories you take in, by not eating smaller amounts of food, but also food lower in calories. A calorie chart can assist you in identifying foods that simply have too many calories and should be avoided as much as possible. Some foods are exceptionally high in calories, such as cookies, cakes, fried foods, fats, oils and spreads. In order to lose weight a person must reduce their total calories, not just dietary fat. There is no definite format that every calorie chart must follow. Some are very inclusive and list calories as well as saturated fat, fiber grams, protein and cholesterol. 

Give or take a few categories, a typical calorie chart will resemble this format. First, the name of the food; usually common names are listed instead of brand or chain names, and it is very possible some food suppliers add even more calories than the average. Following the name is the serving size, which can range anywhere from 1 tablespoon, to one ounce, to one cup or even to an entire cake or pie. Pay close attention to the serving size.  Sometimes just one serving—which can be as small as a tablespoon—can have a large number of calories. Don’t assume one serving is just “one whole” of anything. People who are actively trying to reduce calorie intake need to weigh and measure their food so they are consuming the correct amount.

Usually listed next is the fat level of a food measured in grams. The number of calories, or food energy, is listed next. Also included might be carbohydrates and protein, which are measured in grams, cholesterol, measured in milligrams, weight and saturated fat also measured in grams. Paying close attention to calories is a very important part of weight loss. Make it common practice to consult a calorie chart when in doubt about a particular type of food.

Of course, the majority of items being sold are required to have a simplified calorie chart on the back of the box or package. Like a full alphabetic calorie chart, these small charts can warn you against foods that are unusually high in calories, fat and cholesterol. These are the foods you will want to avoid at all costs as you lose weight. Where else can you find a calorie chart, even an extensive one listing every type food on the market? You can access a detailed calorie chart of practically any food item online at any time.

If you’re serious about losing weight be sure and have a calorie chart handy, whether printed out or book marked online. The more you count calories now, the more pounds you will eventually count down later.



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