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College Health Insurance

Just because you're young does not mean that you cannot get sick. It happens over and over again. A young man or young woman is at the pinnacle of his or her health. He thinks that nothing can touch him. Then suddenly, tragedy strikes. This happened to me when I was in college. Although I had college health insurance, provided through the university, it was inadequate. I was very sick, and the doctors were less than attentive. Usually, they would just have medical students look at us. It was months before they caught the problem.

When my children go to school, I'm going to get them more adequate health insurance. I'm not going to let them get jerked around by the College health insurance like I was. There is affordable health insurance for students available, after all. A lot of students don't take it. They assume that the university will provide college health insurance, and do not take a look at how lackluster this health insurance is. Although there is college health insurance that is free with your tuition, you should look and see what services it actually provides. In many colleges, it provides very little. If you get sick, you will only be looked over by unqualified medical attendants and perhaps handed a prescription for some pills. It is easy to get very sick without anyone ever catching it on normal college health insurance.

Fortunately, a lot of companies are willing to offer affordable college student health insurance. You see, young people are a relatively low risk to insurers. Because they are young, their bodies are stronger and they are less prone to illness. College health insurers are aware of this, and willing to offer competitive rates. Even if you do get college health insurance through the university, you might still go for this plan.

Some universities even offer an option to opt out of their college health insurance. You can get a discount for using another health insurance plan. If this is an option, you should seriously consider it. If I had known about it ahead of time, it would've saved me a lot of suffering. I would've been looked after by someone more qualified than the doctors who were seeing me. That way, they would have caught my illness earlier. It is too late for me, but it is not too late for my children to get adequate college health insurance.

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