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Common Cold Cure and Medication

There's nothing more annoying, in my opinion, than catching a common cold. Somehow, I seem to get a common cold no matter what season it is. I've been known to be sneezing and coughing on the hottest of summer days. It drives me absolutely insane. I think that what bothers me the most about having the annoying common cold is that there really isn't too much that can be done to rid of it. Sure, you can take lots of vitamins and drink orange juice and eat chicken noodle soup, but there really is not true cure for the common cold. There are many things that alleviate the annoyances of the sniffling and sneezing and medications that make you think that the germs have vacated your body, but it is just temporary. The facts remain the same - the common cold just has to run its course.

I have recently discovered the new invention of Airborne. Apparently some teacher got fed up with getting sick and invented this. I decided to try it one day when I was getting the early signs of a common cold invading my body. I was a bit unhappy to discover that I would have to drink it. I can't stand AlkaSeltzer and refuse to drink that stuff. To me, this was the same thing. People told me that it didn't taste as bad as what I would have thought, but I was skeptical. After talking myself into it, I downed it and took a sip of soda immediately afterwards. To my surprise, it wasn't that bad. I wouldn't make a habit of drinking it, but I wasn't gagging. I was just hoping that the army of "good stuff" that was in this Airborne would help defeat the common cold that was taking over. Much to my surprise, after taking it a few more times that day, my symptoms were completely gone. I suppose it could be a coincidence, but I'm keeping some on hand since winter is rapidly approaching.

It does amaze me that no one has actually been able to find a cure for the common cold. I mean, there are antibiotics for almost anything these days and the common cold is not something that is brand new. However, I'm not a doctor, I don't know the involvements of all of that. I just know that I can't stand getting sick. I hate having to carry tissues everywhere I go and smell like cough drops. The common cold is not welcomed into my body. Of course, that's probably why it seems to come to visit more often.

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