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Cures For Genital Warts

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee. When it comes to casual sex, your health is certainly on the line. Who can even count the deluge of STDs floating around now days? It seems like a new one comes out each year. The funny part is that most kids are still primarily concerned with pregnancy. Don't get me wrong; teen pregnancy is definitely an issue that deserves attention, but what about HIV? I'd be more concerned about dying than anything else. Then there are those pesky STDs that don't go away. They may not kill you, but they'll stick around until the day you die. Genital herpes is a major one. Although scientists have come up with treatments and cures for genital warts, genital herpes is still a paramount concern. The casual sex era is over!

That whole spiel your mother fed you about waiting until you're married wasn't a bad one. As it turns out, she really was just looking out for what's best for you. My friend is the perfect example, because he used to indulge regularly in casual sex. Not only did he acquire genital warts, but he got stuck with herpes as well. Luckily there are cures for genital warts. You can have laser surgery to have them removed, which is exactly what he did. There are also treatment creams available, but people typically take the most current and most effective route over all. But what about those nasty genital herpes? For those out of the loop, about one in every five Americans has genital herpes. This means your chances of getting it through casual sex are pretty high. How could this happen if people know they have it? Well, the sad truth is that many individuals have it and don't know. Maybe they haven't broken-out yet or overlooked the sores around their genital area as something more innocuous. Then they pass it on to the next casual partner.

If you do suffer from genital warts, I recommend you look into cures for genital warts immediately. The sooner the better. Granted it stinks to get stuck with such an affliction, but just be thankful that cures for genital warts are available. Like any virus, this one can come back for a second round. Your best protection against such viruses is to practice abstinence.

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