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Deadly Dangerous Effects Of Anorexia

There’s so much in the news lately about the problem of anorexia as it relates to young women. Many girls are feeling the pressure to be thin and are turning to starving themselves to reach this ideal. To them it’s a price they are willing to pay to be what they perceive as beautiful. However, most of them are unaware of the long-term effects of anorexia and how it can impact their lives. When someone eats a dramatically reduced number of calories in an effort to shed extra weight they are starving their bodies. Our bodies need a certain number of calories each day in order to function properly. Any less than that and our body can turn on itself. This is one of the most serious effects of anorexia as the body cannot survive on what it is given so it takes from itself.

All the vitamins and minerals that a typical person gets from their food are missing in the diet of an anorexic. They don’t eat anything that is considered healthy and they don’t take vitamin supplements as they fear that will cause them to gain weight. So the effects of anorexic almost always include deterioration of the body’s muscles and organs. The person suffering loses muscle mass quickly and they begin to feel weak.

Hormones shift dramatically when a woman doesn’t eat. Her body can’t maintain its regular hormonal balance causing a change in the menstrual cycle. In the case of a woman who has suffered with this disease for a prolonged period of time one of the effects of anorexia may be that she loses her period and ultimately her change to conceive a child later in life.

The lack of proper nutrition can also be dangerous in many other ways. Notably someone with this disease may faint or pass out without notice. These effects of anorexia can lead to other problems including broken bones. It’s not uncommon for someone with anorexia to suddenly faint and fall hard to the ground.

In addition to the physical changes there are many other psychological changes that go hand-in-hand with this life threatening condition. For instance, one of the most difficult effects of anorexia is the need for secrecy. Anorexics try in vain to hide their disease from everyone around them. They live in a world all by themselves and tend to cut off communication with those closest to them.

Anorexics will also have trouble interacting with others because they don’t believe when someone tells them they are too thin. One of the effects of anorexia that many people can’t comprehend is that someone with this disease has a distorted perception of what they look like. Telling them repeatedly that they are skinny will not change that. Professional help is really the only effective solution.


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