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Depression Medication

What is the deal with modern-day depression medication? When did this even ever come about? Did we have depression medication back in the 50s? No wait; I think we just performed lobotomies on folks who needed such things. Well, thank God a few nuances have been introduced to the medical profession. The last thing we need is more shock therapy treatments. So, my big question regarding this whole issue is; why are so many individuals depressed? I think many of them don't even have a valid reason for their melancholy. What do you think? I see teenagers who are on depression medication and it makes me assume things. For example, there must have been a serious tragedy in their family, or they must be dealing with drug abuse, child abuse, or some kind of terrible affliction. That's understandable, right? Why else would they be on depression medication? I too was a kid not long ago. I too dealt with the same old crap all kids generally deal with. I too was enticed by drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. I just chose to deal with these things wisely. It truly doesn't take a genius. I was just your average kid.

There was never a time when I required a depression medication. This is exactly why I can't fathom what's going on with our youth. Unless they're dealing with something other than drugs, sex, violence, and boredom, I don't know what their problem is. We all deal with these things as kids and adults. The key is to be strong, determined and autonomous. Do your own thing and strive for greatness. Never be that lame follower who just does what everyone says. This is a sign of weakness. My point is you shouldn't need depression medication unless some serious catalyst such as abuse or death in the family has come about. Folks really need to work on being stronger individuals. When you think you're having a bad day, just think about that kid in a Third World country who doesn't even have a meal. It's time for a serious reality check.

Although I may not agree with all the statements Tom Cruise makes, I have to agree with his take on drugs to some level. Today's generations take way too many narcotics to get by in life. Toughen up or find another way. That depression medication is not the answer to everything. One day you'll actually have to be happy with yourself and move on with life.

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