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Electric Toothbrush - Make Your Child To Look Forward To Brushing Teeth

Because I have heard so much about how a regular toothbrush really does not clean your teeth very well, I went out and bought my daughter and electric toothbrush. I am not sure how much better it works, but she seems to love using it. When we went to the store, I allowed her to choose the toothbrush that she wanted the most. We went down the aisle and she finally decided she would like to have Dora. I was pleased that this electric toothbrush did not cost more than $10 and had a replaceable tip. Having an electric toothbrush seems to be a lot of fun for her. She looks forward to brushing her teeth, and probably brushes more than she would had she still had a manual toothbrush. The problem is that the battery seems to run out rather quickly, and my husband is that his wits end. Not only do we have to buy batteries for the electric toothbrush, we have to buy them for all of the other toys she has our home. It seems most of the toys today are made to take batteries. This can be quite expensive even if you use rechargeable batteries.

The battery is a small matter however, because the help of her teeth is more important. My husband and I both still use manual toothbrushes, but we will soon be purchasing electric ones for ourselves.  Though the choice of electric toothbrush for my daughter was an easy one, I may have more trouble buying for my husband and me. There were only a few to choose from when buying for my daughter, but when it comes to buy for adults there seem to be many, many options, and I don’t know which way to go.

It seems there is nothing simple about the electric toothbrush. There are many different kinds from which to choose, and I am not sure which will be the best. There are some that are very expensive, while there are others that seem more affordable. I guess I will have to do some research to see which type of electric toothbrush I want to buy. There is no sense in buying one that won’t work any better than a manual toothbrush, or we are just wasting our money. There are moments however, when I think I am making too much of this. As long as our teeth are being cleaned, the most important part of the decision has already been made.

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