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Foot Odor Remedies

A very embarrassing problem that millions of people have to deal with on a daily basis is foot odor. Foot odor remedies are often seen in magazines and on television commercials and for a person struggling with this condition, they are likely to try anything that comes along that promises relief. However, not all remedies are equal and before a person goes out and spends too much money on costly cures, there are things they can try at home for little or no money.

People who commonly complain about having a problem with odors emanating from their feet often don’t realize there may be a simple solution. One of the easiest and most effective foot odor remedies is to give up going barefoot in shoes in favor of wearing cotton socks. A good portion of the problem with foot odor stems from sweat. If there is nothing there to absorb the sweat, it will sink into the fabric of the shoe which can cause unappealing odors. Wearing a pair of white cotton socks inside shoes is one of the best foot odor remedies.

Another inexpensive approach that many people try is insoles in their shoes. These insoles are often sold in footwear departments or drug stores. What makes this one of the best foot odor remedies is that the insoles are readily available and also they not only absorb the unpleasant odors but they emit a nice fragrance. For someone who has struggled with foot odors for sometime this can make a world of difference in their confidence level.

Antiperspirant is another great product that can be used to help with this problem. Most people wouldn’t even think of using antiperspirant to quell foot odor but it actually works well. In order to get the best results from these types of foot odor remedies it’s important that the feet be very clean. Using an antibacterial soap all over the foot, including between the toes is a good first step. After thoroughly drying the feet spray them with antiperspirant before venturing out. Consider that using antiperspirants as foot odor remedies should not be attempted if you are experiencing any cracks in your heels or if your feet are too dry.

If the problem is persistent even though you’ve tried different techniques it may be time to seek professional help. In some people an imbalance of nutrients can cause problems with odor. If this is indeed the problem, the foot odor remedies a professional may prescribe can include supplements in the form of additional vitamins and minerals.

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