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Hangover Prevention - How To Drink Without Consequences

A night out on the town equipped with a designated driver is a rare and wonderful thing for a person in his thirties. While I do enjoy the occasional outing I do have to admit that I feel awful the next day and it seems to get worse the older I get. Hangover prevention has become almost a necessity if I even want to consider going out with the guys again. There are some simply strategies that I have learned over the years and hopefully they will work together as the ideal hangover prevention approach that I can use. The first thing that pops into mind is pasta.

When I eat a nice, full meal that is absorbent in nature I do notice that the alcohol doesn’t seem to have such a big impact. While I don’t recommend a big meal as a sole hangover prevention strategy it works in conjunction with other ideas. One thing I have learned is to stay awake for awhile when I’ve been drinking. Instead of flopping right into bed, I stay up for at least an hour to let my body metabolize the alcohol in my system. This works as a hangover prevention because falling asleep causes your metabolism to slow down.

When your metabolism slows you have a great deal of trouble processing the extra alcohol out of your body. As your system winds down so does your ability to metabolize the toxins. Staying awake for a bit before crashing is a great hangover prevention strategy that takes little effort. While you are awake for the extra time you have a moment to drink some water. This is one of the most valuable hangover prevention strategies that I know. I even like to alternate between alcoholic beverages and water throughout the night. The fluids keep me from getting dehydrated.

Also, avoid drinking coffee. I know that coffee is a hangover prevention strategy that has been in use for a long time but the coffee only dehydrates you more. Water is far superior and way more effective. Coffee may make you feel worse in the morning. When morning does arrive you will want to finally drink some coffee for the caffeine but follow that up with a glass of plain old water. Eat lots of protein for breakfast and you should be feeling almost normal. These hangover prevention strategies will make things better for you in the morning so have fun and enjoy your night out.

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