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Hollywood Celebrity Diet

The Hollywood Celebrity Diet has had mixed reviews. I have talked to people who have used the weight loss product and I have read a lot of articles and customer reactions to the Hollywood Celebrity Diet program. After balancing the good with the bad I decided to just try the product out for myself. The benefit of this weight loss system is that it only runs for two days. I can do just about any strict program in such a little bit of time. I do have to admit that even though I only had to stick to the Hollywood Celebrity diet for such a short time I did find the whole thing challenging.

The challenge is that the program does not include food. Okay, I know that food is what got me into my predicament of having 10 pounds to lose in the first place but I still like to have it every day. The Hollywood Celebrity Diet does not include any solid foods. Before you write this approach off, bear with me.

You really don’t miss the meals. The Hollywood Celebrity Diet provides you with liquid nutrition that really tastes great. The only problem that I had was that I really missed chewing. I’m kind-of in a way of thought that tells me that I’m not satiated if I don’t chew. Others who have tried the Hollywood Celebrity Diet have not had that particular problem.

I did feel the detoxifying effects that the juice is known for. There is a slight problem with this as well. I felt weak and headachy during the last 24 hours. I wouldn’t recommend the Hollywood Celebrity Diet to anyone who has any strenuous workouts or activities to complete during the duration.

The one thing I did really love about the Hollywood Celebrity Diet was the results. I lost the whole ten pounds on the plan and I have gained only two pounds back in the past month. I reached my goal and the last couple of pounds can be dropped by going on the Hollywood Celebrity Diet one more time.

Now I just have to get the motivation to go on the plan again. I guess that the best approach is to look at magazines filled with fit and trim celebrities. After all, they are the inspiration behind products like the Hollywood Celebrity Diet. I do have to admit that though it is a challenge, the results are worth the effort.




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