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Hot Wax Hair Removal Tips

Are you looking for the perfect solution to hot wax hair removal? Check out these secrets for a perfectly smooth look! When using a hot wax hair removal kit, there are several things you need to know. Used improperly, hot waxing kits can mean pain and damage to the skin! Listen to these tips from the pros.  Warm the skin before waxing (a hot shower or bath or warm towels works). Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. Remove strip in the opposite direction of hair growth (Always!). Line the work area with wet cloth towels to prevent a sticky situation (do not use paper, or you'll end up as fly paper).

All hot wax hair removal treatments involve some pain! Not from the heating of the wax, but from the hair being removed by its roots! Let's see what may work best for you. There are three basic types of hot wax hair removal kits. Take a look.

Roll On - This type of hot wax hair removal kit comes in a deodorant shaped container, with a roller attached to the top. Heat by placing in hot water. This sounds convenient, but the wax to tends to lose heat  more quickly than with other methods.  This hot wax hair removal method can result in a mess of cold pasty wax on the leg, making for a difficult cleanup. 

Strip - This hot wax hair removal kit is a one-step application, ready to use between two sheets of waxing strips. Rub strips of the desired length between your palms to warm. Peel the strips apart. Place the strip, waxed side down, always in the direction of hair growth. Smooth down. The wax will be stiff. Rub again to warm. Leave for a minute or two, then strip off. The downside of the strip type of hot wax hair removal is that you may need two kits to do both legs, upper and lower. Dispose of used strips and spatulas promptly and carefully.

Conventional - Although these are the most difficult and messy of hot wax hair removal treatments, the conventional hot wax hair removal kit produces the best results. This type of hot wax hair removal is available in jars, tubs, tubes and pouches. Prior to beginning the conventional hot wax hair removal, warm your skin and protect the work area. Heat your container in the microwave until the wax is in a semi-liquid state. Not too hot! Apply the wax with the supplied spatula in a width slightly smaller than the strip. You may need to exercise special care in areas around knees or ankles, where your hair grows in a contradictory direction. Get every last stubborn hair!

We women and men are vain, no doubt about it! Now you know what you're doing! Follow these tips and you'll find success!



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