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How To Prevent Conjunctivitis Or Pink Eye

Every single one of us had pink eye at least once in our childhood. A relatively benign illness, pink eye is mostly an annoyance because of its extreme contagiousness. Before a child shows symptoms of pink eye, he or she can pass it on to many people without knowing it. The last time I had pink eye I was a teenager. By the time my friend had started showing symptoms it was too late. Within 24 hours I was showing them myself. You don't see many cases of pink eye in adults. It remains an illness that most commonly affects children. Every parent knows how easily children pick up bugs like this and a lot of that has to do with a lack of personal hygiene. As adults we understand the importance of washing your hands and other behaviors that keep our chances of contracting illnesses low. Children are much less controlled in their behavior and are more concerned with having fun than anything else.

If someone in your family or a friend or classmate of one of your children contracts pink eye it is important to try to keep them away from others who are not afflicted. Having them wash their hands frequently is the most important way to keep pink eye from spreading. Teach your children to be mindful of what they touch and how often they put their fingers in their eyes or mouth. All of us rub our eyes many times throughout the day without thinking that we could be introducing a bug into our system this way. If you can't keep from rubbing your eyes it is recommended that you use the back side of your hand or fingers to do so because this lessens the chance of passing bacteria or viruses to your eyes and into your body.

It is nearly impossible to keep your children from picking up illnesses such as pink eye while they are little. It is the nature of children to explore and touch nearly everything that they see. Teaching your children the importance of washing their hands and good personal hygiene could help keep the frequency of infection at a minimum. If your child does become sick it is important that you alert his or her school so that they may be able to slow down the spread of the bug to other children. Those children and especially their parents will greatly appreciate it.

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