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Injury Settlements

Accidents happen! Life is tossed at us in the blink of an eye, whether we like it or not. The truth is we can't be prepared for everything. Hopefully we come out okay, and find a way to deal with our situation. In America, the concept of injury settlements is certainly well known. I can't say that this is always a good thing. Often you have individuals who are involved in accidents, and try to milk them for all they're worth. This can't be part of human nature. It must be a learned reaction that has come about due to our selfish and heartless society. Or am I just kidding myself?

I've been in an accident before. In fact, I was in a car accident in fall of 2004. A woman in a mini-van identical to my own, rammed me from behind at a stop light. It tore my rear bumper up and demolished my exhaust pipe. Sure, I was irked as ever. But, I didn't immediately start screaming about injury settlements. Far too many people do this, and I know they're not hurt. The woman who crashed into me, paid for the damages and that was it. I was just thankful that no one was hurt. My five year old daughter was with me and that was my main concern. Maybe I could have claimed I was hurt and threatened to sue or take her to court for injury settlements, but that's lame. Stuff happens in this world, and we should all thank God when we come out okay. Remember the woman who spilled coffee on herself at McDonald's? She sued them because it apparently damaged her insides. Good God; that must have been some burning hot coffee. Possible similar to lava I would suspect. It would take a lot for coffee to penetrate your flesh and muscle. To be honest, injury settlements like this sound BOGUS to me and many others. It's just an excuse to get money from a wealthy company.

So I was chatting with my buddy last Thanksgiving about injury settlements in Australia. We got on the topic of law suits somehow, and he told me some interesting things. He basically said that you don't see all that courtroom drama over there. The laws don't allow bogus injury settlements and law suits. I wonder what many Americans would do in Australia. Possibly work for a living?

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