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Lap Band Surgery To Combat Obesity

It is no secret that America is the most overweight country in the world. Many of our adults and children are many pounds overweight and very unhealthy. We have become obsessed with being skinny whether it is for health or aesthetic reasons. One new procedure to combat obesity called lap band surgery has taken this country by storm. In the past the only surgical procedures available to drastically change the amount of excess weight a patient was carrying around were liposuction surgery and gastric bypass surgery. Both of these procedures carry huge risks and hefty costs. Many people who undergo liposuction and gastric bypass surgery die every year of complications. These are very serious procedures and have to be thought out completely. These procedures also cost tens of thousands of dollars and are not covered by insurance. Many of the people who need these surgeries the most will never be able to afford them.

One of relatively new options to control weight is the lap band surgery. Within the last decade the lap band surgery has become very popular. It is also becoming more affordable. Although most health insurance will not cover any portion of the costs of lap band surgery, it is much more affordable and less risky than liposuction or gastric bypass surgery. Like any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with lap band surgery but they are much less likely in this procedure.

In lap band surgery, an adjustable ring is placed around the upper portion of the patient's stomach. This allows the doctor to control the size of the stomach and how much food the patient can eat at one time. The lap band is adjustable and can be changed at any time. This is one of the most attractive aspects of lap band surgery. Unlike the other procedures mentioned above, lap band surgery is completely reversible.

Drastic medical procedures such as lap band surgery are not designed for people who are only moderately overweight. Medical procedures such as these are meant for people who are seriously overweight or obese. You should not have lap band surgery if you are pregnant or have had serious stomach problems in the past. Most people will find that they can lose enough weight to make a marked change in their health by simply changing what they eat and exercising moderately.

Many people do not want to take the long hard road to permanent weight loss and instead opt to undergo a medical procedure like lap band surgery. My advice will always be to eat healthier and exercise if you want a healthier body. Although medical procedures can help control the amount of food you take in, they cannot control how healthy the food you take in is. It is always important to remember how much responsibility you have for your own weight and health.

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