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Male Hair Removal

Are you up on the latest trends? I'm talking to all you guys out there. Are you still strutting about with your shirt half unbuttoned and bushels of hair popping out? If this sounds familiar, then you may want to do a date check. No, not to see if you have one for tonight, but to better understand the era we live in. Yes folks, it's now 2006. The hairy chest is officially out of style. If you missed the memo back in 95, here is a second trend update. Now, the big question is; how in the world do you deal with all that fuzz? Don't get discouraged just yet; there are a number of options at hand. From the classic razor, to the wipe off creams, to the waxes, there are several routes to becoming hair free. Let's consider this topic of male hair removal.

When you think of male hair removal, what comes to mind? In all honesty, for me Chuck Norris comes to mind. This guy was one of the hairiest dudes of all time. I'm not sure if it was red or blond, but it sure was shaggy. Since the color is unknown, we'll go with strawberry blond. It suits the whole cheesy Walker, Texas Ranger character. Anyway, if you saw all those classic with Chuck back in the 70s and 80s, then you probably got a load of the hair issue. The words "male hair removal" meant nothing to this Hollywood star. Even his back was completely covered with fuzz. Did the retro chicks actually dig this look? Then came the more modern era of film and television, which prompted Chuck to consider male hair removal. These days he is hair free and still in amazing shape for being in his 60s. Therefore, follow the lead of Chuck Norris, men. It's time to deal with the fuzz factor, because the modern lady can't stand hair. Well, of course, unless it's on your head.

Male hair removal has become so simple these days. You can stick with the trusty blade and just shave it off once a week, or you can go with the simpler method of Nairing. Nair is a cream that you apply for a few minutes, and then wipe clean in the shower. It's that simple. However, many men like to go for the more contemporary method of waxing. This rids you of stubble for a longer period of time. Furthermore, male hair removal has hit a new level with laser hair removal, which is only done professionally. This is for those modern-day males who're looking for a more permanent solution to their hair affliction. 

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