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Migraine Headache Relief

My mother has suffered from  migraine headaches for many years now, and has never found a successful cure for them. She used to use a product called Wigraine for migraine headache relief, but at this point, no one makes it and she is unable to find it. They make a variation of it, but since it is time release medicine, it gets absorbed very slowly, and so she does not get any real  migraine headache relief from it. I have heard similar complaints from many other migraine sufferers. It appears that the company stopped making the drug, even though it provided migraine headache relief for thousands upon thousands of customers. The reason for this was that it was a generic medication, and cheap to make and to sell. There were new and more expensive medications for relief from migraine headaches, and even though they did not work as well, there was more profit to be made by selling them than by selling the cheap older standbys. It seems a shame that none of these companies really care at all about people's health, but only care about making as much money as possible. You would really hope for a lot more from the companies which make drugs to treat illness. Unfortunately, that is just how it is.

Aside from medicine, though, there are more and more treatments that promise migraine headache relief. Some chiropractors swear that they can provide great migraine headache relief just by curing chronic tension, or readjusting the position of bones and muscles. Other people think that the key to  migraine headache relief is letting go of psychological tension and problems. They claim that meditation, or even simple deep breathing and stretches, can provide all the  migraine headache relief that anyone could possibly need.

It is hard for me to decide if these kinds of migraine headache relief are just snake oil, or if there is actually something to them. The problem is that most of the experts on migraine headache relief are medical doctors, and come from a medical establishment that is pretty distrustful of innovation. They like drugs, surgery, and occasionally therapy, but that is about it. They do not put much stock in the mind body connection, or in any work done by chiropractors or alternative healers at all. They know that drugs can provide migraine headache relief, but they tend not to investigate what else can.

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