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Motion Sickness Medicine

Yeah, you're cruising down the Interstate at about 65 miles per hour; you've got the wife riding shotgun and the kids singing in the back. You feel great because you just had the minivan checked out and tuned up. The gas tank says full and the luggage is securely strapped down to the luggage rack up top. But wait; what that moaning? Oh no the wife looks like she about to toss her cookies all over the freshly cleaned upholstery. What in God's name do you do now? Well, you could abruptly snag the door handle and give her a quick shove to the pavement. Na, that wouldn't work with the kids watching. Okay, so I'm just kidding a little. Actually all you can do is pull the car over at a rest stop and help her deal with that darn motion sickness. Got any decent motion sickness medicine handy?

Have you ever had to use motion sickness medicine? I can honestly say that I have not. Regardless of whether I'm riding in the backseat, driving up front, or reading a book to my daughter, I never get car sick. The motion sickness burden has never been one that applied to me. However, I can remember the days when my stepmother would always get car sick. I thought it was so annoying. My father was typically driving on our family outings, so my stepmother was riding shotgun. After a little while, especially if we were going very far, my stepmother would start whining about motion sickness. My brother and I would peer over at one another and role our eyes. We were thinking she was such a wimp. I mean, why did this always afflict her and no one else? Was she of an inferior species? Anyway, I changed my mind down the road when my daughter started getting motion sickness. Then all of the sudden it was a big deal to me. I needed some motion sickness medicine, and fast. What can I say; I like my daughter more than my stepmother.

Are you in the market for some nifty motion sickness medicine? Hey, one thing you may want to try before resorting to contemporary motion sickness medicine is closing your eyes and relaxing. Obviously this is only an option if you're not the one driving. I often ask my seven year old daughter to do this when she gets car sick, and it works rather well. Of course she usually ends up falling asleep, but what can you do?

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