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Nasal Spray Addiction

For people who seem to catch every head cold that goes around, or they find themselves allergic to almost everything, they are also prone to something else; nasal spray addiction. With all of the different and effective nasal sprays on the market today, this is a very common occurrence. In fact, it’s happening more often than most people realize. Many of the advertisements we see on television and in magazines for congestion relief feature nasal sprays. In fact, we are often lead to believe that using one of these sprays is a better choice than taking an oral medication. This is true in some cases, but for people who regularly use these products they can easily develop a nasal spray addiction.

This problem is different than other types of addictions in several ways. First, the driving force behind usage isn’t to get a high or to feel intoxicated. It’s actually used so that the person can clear their nasal passage and breathe easier. Most people who develop a nasal spray addiction don’t even realize that they are abusing the product. They fail to read the label which clearly states that you should only use the spray a limited number of times each day.

What happens with repeated overuse is that your body overcompensates. In other words your body begins to become dependent on the solution in the spray. The mucus membranes within your nose become so used to the spray providing relief, that your body isn’t able to do that on its own anymore. This results in a nasal spray addiction, as you will reach a point where you don’t feel any relief in congestion unless you use the spray.

It can be corrected but it does take some time and a good deal of determination. If you think you may have a nasal spray addiction, the first step is throwing the spray out. This may seem intimidating to you as you probably have relied on the spray to keep your nose clear for months, if not years. There are alternatives though, which are much safer and over time will prove just as effective.

One product that you can try is a saline based solution. This is made of saline, which is much safer to use and you can find it where you normally purchase your nasal spray. You won’t develop a nasal spray addiction to the saline as you would one of the other nasal spray products, but again, it’s vitally important that you follow the label directions for use.

Water can also be a big help when it comes to clearing congestion. Repeated use of over the counter nasal sprays can actually dry up your nasal passages which makes it harder for you to breathe. If you drink eight to ten glasses of water each day that will help to hydrate those dry tissues. You’ll notice that it does take several weeks for this to help, but it really does work.

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