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Pet Health Insurance

When we think of healthcare coverage, we rarely think of pets. However, pet health insurance is a valuable asset that many families could use. My husband and I have several pets and we know how quickly the veterinary pile up when multiple pets are being cared for in a single household. Our vet is wonderful. He loves to see our animals and he even gives our family the occasional discount since we have so many pets. Even with the occasional break here and there we were finding that the bills were getting a little out of hand. Pet health insurance was the only answer to the dilemma.

Instead of putting off getting our pets’ annual shots and check-ups, my husband and I decided to check out some pet health insurance instead. At first I thought that the notion was a little silly even though we were falling behind in payments. I figured that the pet health insurance would cost more than the annual vet bills we already had. This was my way of thinking until one of my older dogs became very ill. We took him for his annual physical and found that he had developed a heart condition and was losing his eyesight to cataract. He is a ten year old Lab. The vet explained that Labs usually develop Juvenile Diabetes and have heart trouble. The vet also explained that ten years old is considered older for large dogs.

We ran a battery of tests on our dog to determine if the heart condition could be managed with meds. The vet gave us an estimated idea for the cost and it was very high. We took our dog back home and discussed our options. One of those options was the pet health insurance that I thought was silly before.

I went online to find out more about the healthcare for pets. I found several companies that offered pet health insurance and began making phone calls. We decided to go ahead with the pet healthcare plan that agreed to cover our pets even with our dog’s diagnosis. They also gave a discount for having multiple pets.

We checked with our vet to be sure they accepted the coverage before we signed an agreement. We also made sure the insurance included lab work, tests and even medications. The monthly fees were actually very affordable. We took the insurance to our vet and went forward with the tests for our dog.

We were able to afford the entire bill and the cost of the medication for his heart. We also found ourselves breathing easier when we received our vet bills. I would recommend pet health insurance to anyone with more than one pet. We now can have more time with our dog and improved his quality of life because we invested in pet health insurance.

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