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Private Health Care

Any medical care that goes beyond the scope of what the public system is willing to pay for falls under the umbrella of a private plan. For example, if you have to spend time in the hospital, the public system will pay for your bed in a ward that normally has two or three other patients, depending on the hospital; however, if you want a private room, you will be expected to pay for it yourself. If you have private health care through your employer or coverage that you have bought yourself, it will most likely cover it. Did you need to ride in an ambulance? Unless you have private health care, you should expect to get the bill for it. If you do have extended health care, then your insurance company will most likely take care of the bill.

A private plan can be very beneficial. The hospital and surgical benefits will cover inpatient services and surgical procedures. This includes diagnostic tests, nursing care, and your room. Your private health care insurance may also cover certain medical tests, rides in an ambulance, and oxygen if you need it. You can purchase separate “riders” in order to cover your prescriptions and eyeglasses or contacts.

This type of insurance also comes with restrictions. Of course you have your deductibles and co-payments, but there could be other restrictions, too. A treatment or service must be seen as medically necessary in order covered by your insurance company. Your expenses may be limited to reasonable charges. There also may be a waiting period for pre-existing conditions before your private health care insurance will cover it. Also, you may find that there are some restrictions about renewing your policy at the end of your coverage period.

There are many reasons why you may want to choose insurance that is private. You can avoid long waiting lists for certain treatments. Another reason is that your accommodations at the hospital may be more comfortable if you’re in a private room. You might even be able to choose the hospital and the specialists that will treat you.

If you decide to go the private route make sure that you know your rights as a patient. Also, you may want to shop around and find a good private health care provider and good insurance that will not cost you an arm and a leg. You’ll want to get the coverage that you need, but you will also want to stay within your budget, if you have one. You may want to check with your employer because sometimes they will be able to provide you with good quality private health care and it is usually reasonably priced. Your employer may even pay part of it.


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