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SSI Disability Benefits

There are times in life when things go wrong. We rarely have control over these things, but we have to make the best of them. When you get seriously ill, or you have a debilitating accident, you may have to put your life on hold for a little while. When my brother was unable to work, he received SSI disability benefits for a few years. Thankfully, he is now working again, and is standing on his own two feet. I am glad these benefits were there for him, but at the same time, I know there are many who abuse the system.

My brothers problems began when he was a teenager. He had jobs on and off,  but would always end up getting fired or laid off because he missed too much work. He had serious health issues, but was very proud. The last thing he ever wanted was to get SSI disability benefits, but after a few years and a few hundred doctors appointments, he knew he had no choice. Though he had a legitimate claim to SSI disability benefits, he had to jump through many hurdles to get them.

After about a year on the SSI disability benefits he finally found a doctor that could diagnose the cause for his woes. He was overjoyed that a solution to his problem seemed to be forthcoming. He underwent surgery, and was back to work in about a year and a half once everything cleared up. He was happy when he no longer had to rely on his SSI disability benefits to pay his bills. He now has a great job, and is thankful that the help was there, even if they gave him a hard time about the entire affair.

The reason it is so hard to get SSI disability benefits is because there are so many who fake an illness so that they do not have to work. There are so many holes in the system that many of these people get away with this for a long time, and those who really need the SSI disability benefits are often left out in the cold. There are many things in our country that need to be reformed and reevaluated, and this is just one of many. When a man who is fully able to work rides around town in a wheelchair to ‘fool’ his case worker, and gets his benefits without question, but a woman who has worked her whole life only to find she can barely walk any longer can not get benefits, there is truly something wrong

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