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Short Term Memory Loss

When I started to suffer from loss of short term memory, I feared the worst. Although I was only in my mid thirties at the time, I still suspected that it might be Alzheimer's disease. I had had a grandfather who came down with this awful condition, and I had seen first hand what it could do. It robbed him of everything, and I did not want to sit by as it did the same to me. I went to a doctor about my memory loss short term, but he came to the conclusion that I should not self-diagnose. He thought that it was more likely to be the result of all of the stress that I was under than of Alzheimer's disease. He told me to relax, take some time off work, get good nutrition and exercise, and see what happened.

I tried to follow his suggestions, but they did not really cure the problem. They definitely made me feel a whole lot better, but in the long run, I still was not remembering things the way I had in the past. That is when I tried to get some other help for my short term memory loss. The first thing I tried was to take herbal supplements to boost memory. They did not do all that much for me, and I soon realized that, far from being the cure for short term memory loss, they were simply a money-making scam. After that, I tried some other treatments. I thought that I might be able to cure my short term memory loss by reading more. This really did help somewhat. When the mind is more intellectually engaged, after all, more connections are made and the thoughts flow more freely, which aids in memory. Nevertheless, I did not feel that my short term memory loss had completely abated.

Finally, I decided to take a course to improve memory. This class promised to address both short term memory problems and long term memory loss through a variety of mental exercises meant to train your brain. At first I was skeptical, but I figured it was worth a try. I am so glad that I did. Within a few months, the short term memory loss was completely gone. Right now, it feels like my brain is sharper and more alert than it has ever been before, and I owe it all to the short term memory loss class.

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