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Social Security Disability Benefits

When my mother’s back started to degenerate, she had to face a whole new life. She tried to work as long as she could, but being a nurse with a bad back was next to impossible. She found that the longer she worked the worse her pain would get. In the end she had to give up her career and stay home. Her back continued to get worse and her dreams of going back to work began to dim. She had to find away to contribute to the family income, so she had to apply for social security disability benefits. Though she has worked hard her whole life, she knew now that she didn’t have much choice in the matter.

It was not easy for my mother to get social security disability benefits. If I remember correctly, it took her years for her benefits to come through. She had to hire lawyer, and in the end she still didn’t get what the lawyer thought she was entitled to. Though there were perfectly healthy fakers in our town getting social security disability benefits without much trouble, my mom, who was unable to move on some days, was being given the run around. It was truly heartbreaking for all of us, and it made her even more depressed.

Though her fight for social security disability benefits finally came to a successful conclusion, that doesn’t mean I am not bitter about the system. I hope that I never need it because I might not handle it was well as she did. I know one man who lived off of his social security disability benefits when he was totally and completely able to work for a living. When his caseworker came into town he could be seen wheeling around in wheelchair. When he thought he was in the clear, he was back on his feet and partying away his check. It truly made me sick.

When you think about it, this is something that you should take seriously. Why is it that people who are too hurt or ill to work cannot easily get social security disability benefits while others seem to be able to fake their way through the system so easily? What if this were to happen to you? In reality, those who life on social security disability benefits have paid into the system while working, so they have already earned some of this money, but the rest is made up for with tax money. When you see someone who is faking an injury or illness to live fancy free, you should know that you are paying for that. How does that feel?

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