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Stomach Flu Remedies

There is no cure for flu except for inoculation, and even this option is not available in the case of stomach flu. If you have ever had stomach flu, you know what a miserable experience it is. It hits suddenly. All of a sudden, you are as sick as you can be. Your digestive system is furious with you from both ends, and you think you're dying. The first time I had a stomach flu, I thought I had caught a fatal disease. I really was convinced that I was going to lose my life.

Most stomach flu's last only a day or so, but mine was really nasty. It lasted three whole days! I searched in vain for stomach flu remedies. I tried every treatment for flu known to man. Even though I knew that stomach flu cannot be cured and just had to be waited out, it did not stop me from looking. You see, I was desperate. I tried herbs and unctions. I tried all types of concoctions. Some of the stomach flu remedies actually provided some relief, but none of them cured it.

I did find some soothing mint tea that did help quite a bit. In the early stages of the disease, none of the stomach flu remedies do that much. Later on, however, when you are starting to feel better, there are stomach flu remedies that can do a lot to ease your symptoms still further. Soothing mint tea is one of them. Drinking chamomile or kava kava, if your stomach can handle it, is another great stomach flu remedy, because it helps you sleep. Anything that will make it easier to relax is helpful.

The cold and flu herbs that I tried, however, were completely unhelpful. I have heard that vitamin C helps a little bit, but when I took it it didn't do anything. My stomach flu lasted longer than it should have anyway. As for the herbal stomach flu remedies, they made me even sicker! I tried taking them, but I couldn't keep anything down. Whatever was in them – and I forget the name of the herb – actually aggravated my stomach condition. I'll never make that mistake again. Next time I need stomach flu remedies, you can bet I will stay away from the herbal store. I really think that sleep is the best stomach flu remedy. Everything else will only make it worse.


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