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Treatment Of Dementia

Have you ever thought about how many stigmas there still are around mental health issues? When people admit to feeling down or depressed or that they are having memory issues most people quickly change the subject or dismiss the symptoms. Most people do not want to talk about feelings or emotional well being. When ask someone how they are we want a report on how they are feeling physically not emotionally. I have worked in the mental health field for years and because of this I listen to people about how they are doing emotionally, as a result I often hear a great deal about people’s emotional health, at times this can be a burden but I like the fact that people feel comfortable talking with me.

Most people experience a decline in their mental capacity as they age. The fear this causes often means that elderly people will not admit when they start having the early signs of dementia. They fear that their independence and living arrangement will be taken away from them. This is sad because there are some concrete exercises that can be done for the treatment of dementia. Many of the exercises for the treatment of dementia involve suing concrete as well as complicated thought processes. This can be done by playing games that involve counting such as cribbage or other card games. Many times elderly people will stop playing games that they have enjoyed in the past, most times this is an effort to hide their mental decline. By continuing to play these games with them it forces the brain to continue in problem solving tasks. If the persons memory continues to fade there are other techniques that professionals and family members can do to help with the treatment of dementia. You can help the person create a memory book. This is a scrap book that contains photographs of family members as well as photos of the homes where the individual lived. You can also include photographs from trips that the person took during their life. These things help jog the person’s memory and act as a building block to conversations. Many times people that are experience dementia experience a tremendous amount of loneliness because others get frustrated trying to carrying on a conversation with them. The more time spent alone the further into their dementia they will slip.

Keeping the mind active is the best way to slow the process of dementia. Things that happened in childhood are easier to recall than events that occurred the day before because past events are stored in long term memory where as recent events are stored in short term memory, which tends to be effect first in dementia. Having the elderly read daily newspapers can help aid in keeping the memory active because they can read and re-read articles to help remember them. The visual act of reading helps the person retain the information longer rather than just hearing it. The main process in the treatment of dementia is  keeping the person as active as possible.

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