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Urinary Tract Infection Remedies

I had always severely distrusted antibiotics. Nonetheless, sometimes I will use them. There are certain infections, where the risks of not treating them outweigh the benefits. Although there are urinary tract infection home remedies, I would highly recommend against them. Urinary tract infections are no joke. The only foolproof urinary tract infection remedies are the prescription drugs. Otherwise, you can actually end up in the hospital.

I have a friend who once tried these bladder infection remedies. She came down with a sudden infection of the urinary tract, and she had no health care. Although she had no problem with using antibiotics as a urinary tract infection remedy, it would have cost her a lot of money. Not only would she have had to pay for the prescription, but she would have had to go into the doctor's office as well. Urinary remedies, by contrast, cost very little. Your typical urinary tract infection remedy will cost from 10 to 50 dollars. This is nothing compared to the costs of mainstream medicine. Even a doctor's visit by itself can cost more than that!

The bladder infection remedy that she tried worked at first. Most urinary tract infection remedies involve at least a bit of cranberry juice. In her case, she used cranberry almost exclusively, combined with what was supposed to be an herbal antibiotic remedy. However, after a few days it came back. The urinary tract infection remedies suppressed the infection for a few days, but once it gathered strength again, it was worse than ever. She suddenly turned pale and started to run a fever. We had to call an ambulance. It was awful. I have never seen her so pale and sickly.

It turns out that they had to keep her in the  Hospital for more than a week. Although urinary tract infection remedies from the doctor would have cost close to a hundred dollars with the price of the visit, a week in the hospital costs even more. Alternately, she gave them a fake name and so was not obliged to pay the hospital bills. Nonetheless, the inconvenience itself was a good argument against urinary tract infection remedies.

Although the doctors claim that she could have died may be an exaggeration, then again it may not be. You really should never mess around when it comes to your health. Herbal urinary track infection remedies are not worth the drawbacks. Stick with mainstream medicine on this one.

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